An Evening with Spirit

Published on 1 May 2019, by

Start Date: 30 May 2019

Time: 7.30pm to 9.00pm

Finish Date: 30 May 2019

Cost: $40.00

Location: Camden Civic Centre, Undercroft Community Room



Join us, as Internationally recognised UK (now residing in Australia) medium Val Hood, who shares her gift of mediumship with you bring forth spirit connection with those who have passed, so that the power and love of may be experienced by those that join us.

Spirit will be evidenced as Val shares her love and wisdom to show life is indeed eternal. This evening will bring a smile and a warmth to the heart of those that attend.

Medium Val Hood CSNU(d) is based in Sydney. She has worked as a professional medium for nearly 30 years. Her compassionate and loving approach has helped many people overcome any fears they have has surrounding mediumship, as well as coping with the loss of a loved one.

"Evidential Mediumship by Val Hood, what an amazing lady who works with a great passion for your loved ones.
Val is a true blue Aussie medium, who has an International background. Val comes highly recommended by those who have seen her work."

Come and join Val as she links to your loved ones with fun, laughter and tears of joy. 

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