The Map to Weight Loss Success

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Start Date: 18 Jan 2020

Time: 8.30am to 12.30pm

Finish Date: 18 Jan 2020

Location: Camden Civic Centre

Contact: 1300 134 494



It's BACK!! It's Bigger and Better.

2020 will be a New badly do you want this one to be different?

Tanisha will be back inspiring and educating including exciting new content along with her first Guest Speaker - Nathan Forbes, Natropath from Nature's Concepts.

Nathan has been in business locally for over 16 years. Among many things he specialises in Fatigue, Depression, Anxiety, Hormonal Dysfunction, Recurrent infection and inflammatory conditions – all of which affect our ability to lose weight or are inflamed by being unhealthy. Do You know what balance emotionally, spiritually and physically looks like? Nathan will give you clarity and understanding around this ….. along with his amazing stand that you will have access to on the day!

Along with this fabulous workshop where you will learn something no matter what stage of your journey you are at you will also have fun along with enjoying visiting the 9 stands at the event.

All stands align with Busyslim’s core values around self care and natural healthy living.

  • Essentially – sustainable chemical free living
  • One Big Heart – Yoga and meditation
  • Soul Food Mumma – healthy cooking is easier and more delicious than you think!
  • All About Style – Get tips on how to dress to look your best no matter what size you are
  • The Oil Hut – Essential Oils are mother natures way of healing your body chemical and medication free
  • Sympthony’s – The local dress and accessory shop with a great range of sizes and looks to suit body shapes and budgets
  • Anytime Fitness Narellan – a local gym that offers 24/7 gym memberships in a club where you feel like you belong
  • Natures Concepts – Natropathy at its very best. A stand packed with goodies and information to heal you
  • Hypnosis4u – Change comes from within and hypnosis can really make a difference

THE MAP is a live 4 hour workshop designed to help you breakthrough the emotional, mental and physical barriers that see you constantly losing at the weight loss game.

Understand better why you self sabotage and learn how to change these behaviours for long term success.

Topics to be covered:

  • Understanding the Emotional Game Better - Learn why you are an emotional eater, why you self sabotage and how to finally overcome this!
  • Learn why you must work on your Mindset - Learn easy ways to do this and how to become mindful
  • Be educated on how to set a realistic goal that you can actually achieve and why goal setting is an important part in long term success. Then create your goal and plan for 2019!
  • Learn about the importance of your Gut Health to promote weight loss and support optimum health
  • Discover why exercise is not the key to long term weight loss success.
  • Learn when to exercise and how to work smarter not harder and receive a great home workout designed by Tanisha that only requires a resistance band or set of light dumbbells if you have them.
  • Get great ideas on how to plan healthy eating better so the 'bad weeks' become less and less.

BE INSPIRED and leave with your own clear goal road map for 2020 to get you on your way to achieving permanent weight loss success.

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