Free Filmmaking Workshops

Published on 25 September 2020, by


A new project, Yesterday Stories will see the history of Camden and Wollondilly areas recorded forever through short films. Founder of Yesterday Stories, Sandra Pires says `she is excited to be a part of the recording of the history and lives by her organisation’s motto that ‘your past is your present’. Stories are endless and there are some really unique stories in the area.

Young people will have the opportunity to learn about all the stages of producing a film with a professional filmmaker and director, Sandra Pires and team. Ms Pires is a documentary history producer/director who has produced two feature documentaries screened on the History Channel and has a passion for community history stories.

Short films will be made in an exploration of diverse stories that reflect the unique people and places of the area. It will involve visual storytelling of different community’s perspectives and personal stories discovering an important connection to place. The project will be working with Camden Council, community and business partners. When completed the short films will promote Camden on a digital app enabling tourists and visitors to hear and learn the stories in the location where they happened locally.

Workshops in school holidays on 6 & 7 October and in afternoons at the Camden Civic Centre.

Bookings can be made directly to Sandra Pires at

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